Why the Worst Seasons to Travel are Actually the Best Times to Visit

No crowds, cheaper prices and unexpected experiences? Sign me up!

As a Travel Agent, I was always asked when the best time to travel to a certain destination was. Naturally, everyone wants to go when each place is showing off; Banff when it’s cloaked in fresh powder, Fiji when the sun is shining or Peru when there is no rain and fresh, clear skies for hiking. However, all these peak times also mean skyrocketing prices and more people. I prefer to go places when everyone else has left which is why I think the worst time to travel is actually the best to go!

Here are my favourite low season spots I have been to over the years!


Winter in Beijing is something out of a fairytale. I definitely did not expect to see the majestic Great Wall of China blanketed in fresh, white powder on a bluebird day!


Notoriously known as an expensive honeymoon destination, the Maldives is more affordable than you think. From May to November, Maldives resorts drop their prices as Europeans head back home to enjoy summer. It is also when the surf pumps!

If you are surfer looking for a budget holiday in one of the most desirable destinations in the world, check out the surf camps which can set you back approx $110 USD per night or jump on a surf charter with ten of your mates.

The only catch with staying on a local island at a surf camp is that you cannot drink alcohol and girls need to stay covered up. This is a small sacrifice to make when you have spent the day surfing fun peaks and snorkelling alone in the world’s clearest water with a giant pod of spinner dolphins.

DESTINATION: Kauai, Hawaii

Imagine 5-foot, glassy sets with just you and a turtle in the lineup, long bone-white beaches with no car or person in sight and thick jade jungles ith no one else around. Kauai rains, a lot. Get over it. Jurassic Park rewards adventure-hungry travellers and you will be handsomely rewarded.


Winters bring crispy, blue sky days and dramatic sunsets. Dawn and dusk are a dramatic canvas with clear, vivid colours painted across the sky. At the beginning of May, Humpback Whales start their annual migration from Antarctica to the Great Barrier Reef. To get the best of both worlds, set the alarm for 545am and head to the beach for sunrise. Nearly every morning you will see whales prancing out the back of the line up somewhere along the East Coast of Australia.

Plus, the nearby Blue Mountains have chilly, clear days in winter which is perfect for hiking!


Yes, it is freezing. Pub life starts early and all the cosy, candlelit venues are ready and waiting to give you a big, Scottish pint. After a night out grooving, take advantage of the chilly, crisp days and conquer Arthur’s Seat to see views of the ancient city.


Hurricanes hit Mexico in the offseason however you will also get balmy, sunshine-filled day. Check out Monte Alban without the hoards of tourists.

Where have you been in low season?


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