Namibia: Ramblings from a deserted, desert mind

Dust covers my body, my eyes sting red and my skin burns from the frying sun. I haven’t seen a person, a car or a building in hours. Golden dunes, barron land. How can anything survive out here? What is out here?

Dusk spins me off into another dimension. The colours threaten to eat me whole. Smooth lilac, deep reds, echoless black and peach orange steal my thoughts. As the sun leaves another African day, the black and purple sky is pricked with silver spots. The stars sparkle and form constellations, a cosmic paradise. The moon rises quickly bringing blonde light to the dusty dry landscape.

I hear a rattle. My western mind projects images of a baby jiggling a rattle, my newfound mind knows it is snake; hiding in among boulders and thirsty trees.

This is Namibia; The Land God Made in Anger.

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