Micro Expedition: Wentworth Falls & Elysian Lookout, NSW

Fed by the cool mountain juice of Jamieson Creek, Wentworth Falls is a 187-metre waterfall towering over a three-tiered cliff.

At the top of the waterfall, a sandstone staircase is carved into the rock like a snake wrapped around a tree. The chiselled track overlooks a vast landscape of rolling blue-hued hills and forest; it is like something out of a Steven Speilberg film. Where are the dinosaurs?!

With the screeches of cockatoos echoing off the gully walls,  it sounds as if a pterodactyl is about to swoop overhead. I am also pretty sure I just saw a raptor-like bird scurrying along the entrance lawn.

Captain Murray and his crew of four took on the challenge to carve the tracks around the waterfall in 1906. The main track, The National Pass clings to the edge of the cliff which the pioneer constructed using picks, shovels and dynamite. He abseiled down the cliff-face and just started chiselling away. What a crazy dude!

The history is embedded into the walls, trees and shallow pools of the area as stone plaques are dotted along the track explaining how it all came about. Restoration efforts over the years have continued to keep the area safe and well-maintained as well as keeping the authenticity of its history alive.

Today, Wentworth Falls otherwordly feel will continue to haunt you after you leave as the mix of jade and cobalt jungles, valleys and beige cliffs will have you dreaming about it all for many moons after.
Also check out: Elysian Lookout
Only a 10-minute drive from Wentworth Falls, Elysian Lookout is one to tick of your bucket list. We decided to head here for first light, to capture the Blue Mountains drenched in a golden hue.
The How: Elysian Lookout and Wentworth Falls are approximately a 1.5 hour drive away from Sydney’s CBD.
Elysian Lookout is hidden down a small pathway off a residential street in Leura, a quaint mountain town cloaked in crispy autumn leaves. Follow all signs to Leura and then onto Elysian Place.
Wentworth Falls are only a 10-minute drive from Elysian Lookout. Head back towards Sydney and turn off to Wentworth Falls carpark. From here, there are signs stating all the hikes available.
The Why: To see what Jurassic Park would feel like, oh and to be able to lay at the base of a waterfall and look up into the smoky-looking spray.
The Who: Anyone happy, keen and able to tackle hundreds of steps to the base of the waterfall.

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