Altered Reality: How to Slow Down a Fast Mind in Nosara, Costa Rica

My reality has altered.

I used to start my day with a spin class. I now run along a Costa Rican beach on the edge of a jungle.

I used to have a 10am frothy cappuccino. I now have a 10am coconut.

I used to sit at a desk writing about exotic destinations. I now hike through jade jungles to hidden waterfalls.

I used to travel by public bus on busy highways. I now ride a quad bike through muddy puddles.

It is never an instant transition going from your working self to your holiday self, however, I have had to learn to slow my fast mind down. In the process, I have experienced some epic adventures.

Here are the top ways to slow your busy mind while holidaying in Nosara.

Quad biking missions

This is the only way to get around Nosara. iQuad hire these bad boys out for $70USD a day. There is no other way to get around so if you are keen to check out nearby beaches such as Playa Garza, you will need a quad. Driving around the country roads is a sure way to get into the swing of adventure and away from everyday life. Full disclaimer, there are pot holes everywhere and the roads are rough but extremely fun!


Nosara is a surfing mecca. Whether you want lessons or you are a seasoned salty dog, you will love the waves. There are beach breaks all along the coast with some nearby point breaks. Walk the jungle, across streams and fallen tree trunks to the long beach. Morning and late afternoon are best when the ocean glasses off to a silky blanket.


Styled by Rasbery Days

Usually combined with a surf, many come here for the yoga retreats and surfing life. Holding warrior 2 while listening to Howler Monkeys giggle and birds chirping in the tree is a truly magical experience.

Chase Waterfalls

If you find this undisclosed location then I am impressed and you deserve to be here. There is a waterfall nearby and you can get there but due to trespassing, I cannot reveal its location. The cool mountain water gushes down a terrace of rock faces. Climb the cliff and jump off the second waterfall. The pool below looks ankle deep and defies all aspects of physics. Watching a local boy jump into the pool blew my mind, it looked like a time machine where he was sucked away from the universe. The pool that defies physics is actually a cylinder and if you jump into the right spot you will be sucked in and pushed back out!

Just be…

Let the sounds of the trees swing you. Listen to the centipedes roam the ground, watch Howler Monkeys swing from the roof tops and watch big blue butterflies playfully flutter around you.

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